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B.A.D.#106 Poinsettia
December 16, 2015 02:39 PM PST
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BAD #106 Poinsettia

The holidays are here!
How old is Tyra Banks?

Intergalactic wawa in New Mexico.
Fishing with dynamite,
Duck and chicken laws in Minnesota
and of course more naming stories, like what are the popular name of 2015.
And does the millennial youth know how to write by hand.

scented candles, pinot noir, poinsettia, gary busey, james monroe, crazy horse, jay-z, tyra banks, liza minelli, elizabeth taylor, arizona, ufo, indiana, ducks, names, instagram, valencia, cameron diaz, sandra bullock, baby, rotary,

B.A.D.#104 Turkey
December 03, 2015 02:45 PM PST
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BAD# 104 Turkey

Happy Turkey/Thanksgiving day.

Dan talks about getting lost in Ikea, Halloween report, sex in a port o potty - eeeew!
Thought on Matt Damon and Chipotle, shout out to Jill and Jeff!
Buffy and Angel forever! Suggestions for Leo DiCaprio’s Halloween costume we know your listening!

Reminiscing about old cartoons and WTF is wrong with youtube, what do you think you are FOR, to watch tv shows and movies duuuhhhh!!!!!

v for vendetta, movies, pitch perfect, viva, turkey, Zimbabwe, mcdanalds, ambient, marcel proust, david schwimmer, Nelly, george bernard shaw, sweden, ikea, matt damon, chipotle, halloween, batman, loaded question, it follows, lazarus project, marc duplex, olivia wilde, crimson peak, tom hiddleston, mia wakowski, pride prejudice and zombies, skrillex, halloween costumes, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, buffy, leo dicaprio, bill murray, tom hardy, martin Scorsese, broken flowers, scary movie, freddy vs jason, nightmare on elm street, spectre, james bond, daniel craig, monica bellucci, cristoph waltz, girl with a dragon tattoo sequel, rooney mara, david finches, scooby doo, cartoon network, youtube, mason prime,

B.A.D. #105 Paris
December 01, 2015 02:01 PM PST
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B.A.D. #105 Paris

After the horrific events in Paris, we dedicate this podcast to the beautiful city of lights love and croissant.

Dan and talks us through the rules of wolves the card social game. gets fired from one of his jobs and we trash those evil people for that.
Baby announcements
Anna takes picture of foliage.
Gaming thoughts and being stress free and reminiscing radio stations first cd’s wlakmens and Delilah kiss FM.

paris, fired from job, hair salon, receptionist, macaroon, democracy, menage a trios, croissant, Lois IV, Coco Chanel, eiffel tower, the louvre, new york, moscow, rome, london, al Capone, Alcatraz, Ed Gein, Maggie Gylllenhal, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Craviz, Zoe Kravitz, Clark Gable, Napoleon, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar, Angels in America, A Normal Heart, foliage pictures, the bodyguard, gamecube, nintendo, wii, broken tv’s, midterms, papers, college life, spottily, kiss fm, ktu, z100, 103.5fm, hot 97fm, 95.5fm, grunge,

B.A.D.#103 Werewolves
November 10, 2015 12:23 PM PST
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BAD#103 Wearwolves

Welcome to our halloween podcast as we get drunk on rum and take about werwolves.
Anna and Lindsey plan to go see Crimson Peak,

The advancement of Technology and food of Hockey.

Dan tells about his X-Men-ish encounter in Staples.

Lindsey looses it over while telling the story about Bear Bears,

Wedding stories from Anna and Dan from church service to drooling guests and inappropriate stories about exes.

ahwolves, werewolves, Caribbean, duty free, crimson peak, great gatsby, leonardo dicaprio, tom hiddelston, jessica chastain, guillermo deltoro, octoberfest, lycan, greece, accountants, badgers, martin luther king jr, wayne gretzky, nhl, hockey, william penn, Philadelphia, Usher, Dwight eisenhower, Mia wasikowska, Ann Rice, the vampire chronicles, interview with a vampire, Mike Tyson, superstitions, turkey, angels, magneto, professor x, comicon, barney, jurassic park, spaceballs, barf, bill pullman, john candy, netflix and chill, Captain Lonestar, Princess Vespa, we bear bears, weddings, W Hotel, hoboken, church service, billy idol, white wedding, in the air tonight, phil collins,

B.A.D.#102 VooDoo
October 29, 2015 02:16 PM PDT
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BAD# 102 VooDoo

Happy Halloween!

Settle in relax and learn all you need to do about Voo-Doo!
We talk about the Martian, Mars, Mission to Mars, and all other mars related thing like the Kardashians.

And remember in New York it is illegal to fart in a church.
-really new york, really?

Magic spells, blood moon, rituals and blood of the chicken….

Facebook dislike, is it ok? - sequel to Unfriended ..

Dan talks about how gay men not allowed to donate blood to american blood bank.

How short was Napoleon?

themartian, movies, anna abrams, lindsey side, matt damon, mission to mars, kardashians, dislike, disliked, unfriended, voodoo, new orleans, gris-gris, dr.john, voodoo doll, hatian voodoo, marie laveau, rituals, spells, magic, american blood bank,
james bong, live and let die, jane seymour, haiti, napoleon Bonaparte, black sabbath, ozzy osbourne, hillary duff, bridgitte bordot, christopher evan welch, spartacus, miles davis, linda blair, wine tasting, chat roulette, furious7 , paul walker, vin diesel, jordana brewester, the visit, m. night shyamalan,

B.A.D.#100 Anna
September 28, 2015 03:48 PM PDT
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BAD Pod # 100th!!!! Anna

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We made it to our 100th podcast! Oh wOw, that really is amazing!

Welcome to our special guest the Hungry Hutch! Follow him @thehungryhutch on instagram, twitter or thehungryhutch.com. Thanks Aaron for doing us.

We talk about the name Anna and other funny names around the world that we saw on internet or just heard about.

Talk about horror movies, Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

100th podcast, prosecco, wine in a can, cupcakes, sweets, anna, grace, frozen, Anna Karenina, Tolstoy, pulmonary bypass, sea snails, urban dictionary, Michael jackson, the Beatles, music rights, Justin Theroux, charlie angles 2, the leftovers, Rosanna Arquette, Kylie Jenner, Instagram, 18 and wild, virginia woolf, sex fruit, but shelter, le-a, funny names, quvenzhane wallis, american horror story, asylum, the conjuring, babaduke, marmaduke, horror movies, mission impossible rogue nation, true detective, season finale, arrow, witches of the eat end, cancelled tv shows, jon snow, game of thrones, pompeii, fear the walking dead,
toff, the online film festival.

B.A.D.#99 Lindsey
September 21, 2015 11:18 AM PDT
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We learn about Cecil the lion and the history behind the name Lindsey.
Naming laws around the world, and all the sillyness they crate. Lindsey can’t stand this world because of some revelations about names.
Anna and Lindsey talk about Amy Schumer’s new film Trainwreck.

Dan talks about his trip to fire island and volleyball.

Anna and Dan talk about Manhattanhenge.

Don’t forget to check out our film Disconnected that we are working on at disconnected film.com.

david foster wallace, end of the tour, chipotle, jason segal, jesse eisenberg, mimi grammer, Facebook, cecil the lion, Zimbabwe, infused tequila, google, ikea, elvis, bing, firefox, nutella, penguin press, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Nicholas cage, Britney spears, 99th episode, trainwreck, amy schemer, the ugly truth, Katherine heigh, 27 dresses, ashton Kutcher, bill harder, romantic comedy, lebron james, Tilda Swinton, ant man, paul rudd, mission impossible 5, simon pegg, jurrasic world, trex, ron howard’s daughter, chris pratt, sense 8, penny dreadful, josh heartnett, frankenstein, british star wars, fire island,

B.A.D.#96 Dan
July 07, 2015 01:20 PM PDT
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B.A.D.# 96 Dan

Today’s theme is Dan and all the history behind him (some pun intended)
Some laws about naming children.

Lindsey talks about the tim Wolfpack,and we share our thoughts on bad parenting.

dominos, pride, gay, parade, moving, queens, kickball, afterparty, kingsmen, colin firth, morgan freeman, kevin spacey, maggie smith, ballers, brink, true detective, HBO, Anna Abrams, Dan Medvedick, Lindsey Seide, pole volter, Meryl Streep, Cindy Lauper, Bruce Campbell, geroge carlin, harry houdini, wolfpack, wedding talk,

B.A.D. #94 EDC
June 24, 2015 04:18 PM PDT
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B.A.D. # 94 EDC

Welcome back, we miss you just as much as you missed us!

Anna goes to EDC NY, and brings back the history of EDC and some other stories and EDC review.
really, really, REALLY, long bathroom lines, NOT OK EDC! Just rent more porter potties or use the actual stadium that is made for handling large quantities of people.
Shares her thoughts on Lukas Black aging like a potato.
stories from the filming
Dan gets told to stop smiling! To all actors don’t be flaky! That acting like a job, because if you are an actor it is your job.

Why are Furious 7 so furious 7 films later, can’t they be lightly irritated and driving the speed limit.

Lindsey and Anna - drool over Chris Pratt, thoughts on the attention spin of a generation getting shorter to non-existent. And celebrity snapchat - yay or nay!?

it’s national burger day.

Disconnected film, sandwich, jack daniels, apple jack, EDC, electric music, electric daisy carnival, flowers. dj, calvin harris, neon, concert, festival, 1992, warehouse, rave, metlife stadium, weehawken, EDC NY, Las Vegas, New York, Afrojack, Tiesto, Krewella, under the electric sky, sundance, netflix, dec review, t-bone walker, rudy guilliani, Maya Angelou, Gary Colman, Henry VIII married Ann Beylen, mad max, tina turner, Guillermo Del Toro, Tom Hiddleston, Crimson Peak, Jessica Chastein, Furious 7, Lukas Black, blue crush, matthew davis, michelle rodriguez, jordana brewster, jurassic world, chris pratt, central park, monty python,

B.A.D.#96 Canadian Moose
June 24, 2015 01:17 PM PDT
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Anna goes to Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada and gets stuck in Canada.
pleasantly surprised how nice and friendly Canadians could be.
Has the worst morning with the flat tire on LIE. - AND A VERY SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO THE GUY WHO STOPPED AND HELPED ME TO CHANGE A TIRE , JUST SHOWS THERE ARE SIME NICE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Like seriously thank you stranger!

Dan and Anna share their love for Monty Python, then try to sort out what gravy actually is.

Dan talks about moving to Astoria, and what a legal window is, and his driving test.

Lindsey talk about being up in the Saratoga Springs and being flipped of by an old lady.

Big Apple BBQ and the evil bitch who was being all greedy.

canada, canadian grand prix, anna abrams, cancelled flights, elk, moose, farting, monty python, waterloo, Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, ABBA, Paul McCartney, Isabella Roselini, MLK, michael fassbender, eggspectation, smoked meat, garvy, big apple bbq, horace harding highway, auto body shop, DON’T GO TO THE AUTO BODY SHOP, jalopeno tequila, margarita, the ghost pepper kid, youtube,

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