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B.A.D.#100 Anna
September 28, 2015 03:48 PM PDT
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BAD Pod # 100th!!!! Anna

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We made it to our 100th podcast! Oh wOw, that really is amazing!

Welcome to our special guest the Hungry Hutch! Follow him @thehungryhutch on instagram, twitter or thehungryhutch.com. Thanks Aaron for doing us.

We talk about the name Anna and other funny names around the world that we saw on internet or just heard about.

Talk about horror movies, Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

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toff, the online film festival.

B.A.D.#99 Lindsey
September 21, 2015 11:18 AM PDT
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We learn about Cecil the lion and the history behind the name Lindsey.
Naming laws around the world, and all the sillyness they crate. Lindsey can’t stand this world because of some revelations about names.
Anna and Lindsey talk about Amy Schumer’s new film Trainwreck.

Dan talks about his trip to fire island and volleyball.

Anna and Dan talk about Manhattanhenge.

Don’t forget to check out our film Disconnected that we are working on at disconnected film.com.

david foster wallace, end of the tour, chipotle, jason segal, jesse eisenberg, mimi grammer, Facebook, cecil the lion, Zimbabwe, infused tequila, google, ikea, elvis, bing, firefox, nutella, penguin press, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Nicholas cage, Britney spears, 99th episode, trainwreck, amy schemer, the ugly truth, Katherine heigh, 27 dresses, ashton Kutcher, bill harder, romantic comedy, lebron james, Tilda Swinton, ant man, paul rudd, mission impossible 5, simon pegg, jurrasic world, trex, ron howard’s daughter, chris pratt, sense 8, penny dreadful, josh heartnett, frankenstein, british star wars, fire island,

B.A.D.#96 Dan
July 07, 2015 01:20 PM PDT
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B.A.D.# 96 Dan

Today’s theme is Dan and all the history behind him (some pun intended)
Some laws about naming children.

Lindsey talks about the tim Wolfpack,and we share our thoughts on bad parenting.

dominos, pride, gay, parade, moving, queens, kickball, afterparty, kingsmen, colin firth, morgan freeman, kevin spacey, maggie smith, ballers, brink, true detective, HBO, Anna Abrams, Dan Medvedick, Lindsey Seide, pole volter, Meryl Streep, Cindy Lauper, Bruce Campbell, geroge carlin, harry houdini, wolfpack, wedding talk,

B.A.D. #94 EDC
June 24, 2015 04:18 PM PDT
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B.A.D. # 94 EDC

Welcome back, we miss you just as much as you missed us!

Anna goes to EDC NY, and brings back the history of EDC and some other stories and EDC review.
really, really, REALLY, long bathroom lines, NOT OK EDC! Just rent more porter potties or use the actual stadium that is made for handling large quantities of people.
Shares her thoughts on Lukas Black aging like a potato.
stories from the filming
Dan gets told to stop smiling! To all actors don’t be flaky! That acting like a job, because if you are an actor it is your job.

Why are Furious 7 so furious 7 films later, can’t they be lightly irritated and driving the speed limit.

Lindsey and Anna - drool over Chris Pratt, thoughts on the attention spin of a generation getting shorter to non-existent. And celebrity snapchat - yay or nay!?

it’s national burger day.

Disconnected film, sandwich, jack daniels, apple jack, EDC, electric music, electric daisy carnival, flowers. dj, calvin harris, neon, concert, festival, 1992, warehouse, rave, metlife stadium, weehawken, EDC NY, Las Vegas, New York, Afrojack, Tiesto, Krewella, under the electric sky, sundance, netflix, dec review, t-bone walker, rudy guilliani, Maya Angelou, Gary Colman, Henry VIII married Ann Beylen, mad max, tina turner, Guillermo Del Toro, Tom Hiddleston, Crimson Peak, Jessica Chastein, Furious 7, Lukas Black, blue crush, matthew davis, michelle rodriguez, jordana brewster, jurassic world, chris pratt, central park, monty python,

B.A.D.#96 Canadian Moose
June 24, 2015 01:17 PM PDT
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Anna goes to Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada and gets stuck in Canada.
pleasantly surprised how nice and friendly Canadians could be.
Has the worst morning with the flat tire on LIE. - AND A VERY SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO THE GUY WHO STOPPED AND HELPED ME TO CHANGE A TIRE , JUST SHOWS THERE ARE SIME NICE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Like seriously thank you stranger!

Dan and Anna share their love for Monty Python, then try to sort out what gravy actually is.

Dan talks about moving to Astoria, and what a legal window is, and his driving test.

Lindsey talk about being up in the Saratoga Springs and being flipped of by an old lady.

Big Apple BBQ and the evil bitch who was being all greedy.

canada, canadian grand prix, anna abrams, cancelled flights, elk, moose, farting, monty python, waterloo, Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, ABBA, Paul McCartney, Isabella Roselini, MLK, michael fassbender, eggspectation, smoked meat, garvy, big apple bbq, horace harding highway, auto body shop, DON’T GO TO THE AUTO BODY SHOP, jalopeno tequila, margarita, the ghost pepper kid, youtube,

B.A.D.#91 Furby
April 20, 2015 12:59 PM PDT
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This a testosterone fueled podcast, as Anna is joined by 3 men, all of whom are over 6’ feet tall.
Max and Jason join us to chat on this podcast.
Dana and Max talk about subway stories.
Anna talks about gas leak near Lincoln Center.
-topless people in Times Sq.

Monkey Bar, martini, wine, happy hour, talk radio, comedy, podcast, actors, acting, planet hollywood, jersey shore, spooky, situation, jwow, weave, university of texas, furby, april 15, abraham lincoln, seth rogen, emma watson, leonardo daVinci, subway stories, lincoln center, opera, gas leak, blue and gold bar, topless in times square, james bond, specter, daniel craig, benedict cummerbatch, michael fassbender, mr chow, mighty ducks, leprechaun, hellraiser, ben affleck, batman, christian bale, randy quade, man of steel,

B.A.D.#90 Sangria
April 14, 2015 12:22 PM PDT
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B.A.D.#90 Sangria!

Tonight we are joined by Max Done, an actor and a Texan!

Happy Happy Easter and Passover everyone!

Drive through liquor store in small town in Texas, called Rainbows!
Dan talks us through how to throw computer from the roof, if you tun out of fruit.
and tells a story about selfish actors and how no-no it really is to be that!
Anna saw Hors not whores! on netflix!

Tidal discussion, JayZ- Jack White, and is it an artist collective?

sangria, whine, booze, dan medvedick, anna abrams, maxwell done, lindsey seide, actors, actingnyc, new york,film, filmmaking, holy saturday, easter, god, passover, the simpsons, mike2, hoboken, sangria sunday, calle ocho, sangria brunch, miami florida,OTB new york, betty ford, henry ford, bryan cranson divorce, iowa, texas drinking laws, rainbows liquor, hostage, hunting in texas, coupons, extreme coupons, black magic, camera, talk radio, goosebumps,afraid of the dark, tales from the crypt, demi moore, fat guy, cinderella, furious 7, rob stark, vin diesel, paul walker, marley and me, rush week, kfc, rutgers, horses, daniel radclif, tom hardy, shia lubouff, sia video, unbreakable jimmy schmid, tidal, artist collective, empire, blackish, fresh off the boat, seth mcfarlaine, family guy, hippyish, steve coogan, of mice and men, snapchat,

B.A.D.#88 Carrot Cake
March 12, 2015 09:09 AM PDT
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Quote of the day, Anna - “ I feel like New Girl is like an individual slice of Kraft cheese, you can take or leave it, it’s not like u’re gonna enjoy it but you don’t really hate it either, you can eat it but you’re not gonna get any nutrition from that”
Beer and Wine
for those who wonder what ambrosia salad is, listen on!
We talk a lot about pies in the beginning, its because once you start talking about pie it’s really hard to stop talking about pie!
And today was a national pancake day!
And of course Oscars talk!
Anna falls asleep and misses everything, Dan comments on everything and Lindsey is excited about Whiplash!
Neil Patrick Harris - bad choice?
and of course is the dress black, blue, white, gold…???
A story of drunk guys and drunk girls in bars.

corona, barollo, red wine, ithaca apricot wheat, hot pocket, uggs, march, snow, slush, new york weather, st.Patricks, kfc, white castle, CNN, ambrosia salad, the temptations, my girl, 1965, jean harlow, jessica biel, hot tub time machine, the oscars, 50 shades of grey, adam scott, neil patrick harris, opra, annie remake, jokes, dakota johnson, obama, harold and kumar go to white castle, gone girl, restaurant week, scooby doo, shaggy, welma, rita ora, christian grey, empire, glee, happy endings, marry me nbc, off the boat, ken marino, party down, scandal, new girl, once upon a time, true blood, ursula, cruel devil, maleficent, storybook, american horror story, lady gaga, adam lavine, the walking dead, sarah pulson, the coven, marcia gay harden,

B.A.D.#86 California Roll
February 17, 2015 04:06 PM PST
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< Jeff lived in Hoboken ! > Jeff’s back in town so he stops by to say hi. He gives his thoughts on death penalty by shanking and natural selection in isolation. And blackouts the part when he lived in Hoboken. Anna and Jeff go down the Youtube rabbit hole and fat people falling. Superbowl and Katy Perry, why didn’t they just run it!!!! The shark that got the dance wrong. Anna- checks out Jeff Bridges.com and goes to Jersey super excited that theres is a decorative cake shop opens by my house. And Jeff decides to go into porn. joint, california roll, smoking up, pot, legalize marijuana, blunts, jeffrey welk sirois, anna abrams, dan medvedick, socal, sushi, isla fisher, warwick davis, the day that music died. february 3, dan mclain, poppers, 50 shades of grey, fat people falling, jimmy fallon, Super Bowl, seahawks, patriots, katy perry, deflategate, beerpong, flip cup, reddit, jersey, crumbs, sprinkles, twinkles, project almanac, found footage, green lit, life after beth, snapchat, american sniper, bradley cooper, terminator5, arnold shwartznigger, in and out, schleppers, shake shack, okcupid,tinder, snapchat, match.com,grinder,profile,
B.A.D.#85 New Year
January 29, 2015 03:03 PM PST
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Welcome to the BAD podcast 2015! If you can believe it, it’s our 3rd year podcasting!!!

Therefore our theme is the New Year!!!


We start podcast with as usual a brief history of when and how January 1st became the 1st day.

Dan goes deep in to innuendos about champaign,
gets confused about paranormal activity!
talks about In to The Woods and Unbroken, I think spoiler alert!

Lindsey talks about horror movies, babaduke and other weirs ones.
Get A New Hobby OR Die Trying!!! - linney.

Anna gets excited about Dan Stevens.
And spoiler ALERT in case you didn’t watch the guest, cuz we dive balls deep into that one!!!
I mean what the fuck! Also it really is like Drive wanna be!

~Owh Dan Stevens you so pretty would u please come and play with ahem me heart winking ~

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