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B.A.D. #63 Macaroon
April 16, 2014 12:41 PM PDT
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B.A.D. # 63 Macaroon
As we are eating cupcakes to celebrate Alex’s BDay.
Jeff makes his own cupcakes and ice-cream at 2am, like a good housewife he is.
Stories of drunk people peeing in the middle of the living room.
The President and the restaurant, Jenny tells a story how Obama came to the restaurant, and how hot he actually is.
Anna’s night out at Slate and the weird underaged crowd of teens.
Death in Silicone Valley…
Fargo the excitement builds!
Crazy Jersey drivers…
And Jeff hates S’murfs.- and how to talk smurf.

B.A.D. #62 Wet Wipes
April 09, 2014 04:11 PM PDT
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B.A.D.#62 Wet Wipes
Serious talk about Noah the movie, spoiler alert!!

Jeff talks about having a meltdown over not being able to do a pull-up just one, and just his general grumpiness.
Dan gets in an email fight, and talks frat life.
Anna takes Zumba class.
Jeff talks about being in a pageant and being tear gassed.
Of course Seth and Noah, the 3rd mythical son.
Horror movie talk….

B.A.D. #61 Passion Fruit
April 04, 2014 12:27 PM PDT
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Welcome Dan.
The history of passion fruit, and chit chat over the bottle of wine..
Anna takes yoga from a stoned instructor,
Noah vs Grand Budapest Hotel,
Andrew and the erotic fire of the unattainable…and forgettable orgy…
Dan’s 2 degrees of snooky and the great parts of new jersey, and the abundance of sports in his life.
Drinking at 9am on Zog wine trip,

B.A.D. #60 Kevin Bacon
March 27, 2014 10:31 AM PDT
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Girls talk shopping, Jenny talks about trying sangria,
Anna thinks she’s born same day as Santa..
Ally deals with loss and prepares for Israel.
Jeff dresses as an adult.
Alex confuses everybody about how you pronounce shailene woodley
Stories from the weekend
Jeff has a senior moment about the oscars and Jennifer Lawrence.
We dive deep in to the discussion is yawing contagious.

B.A.D. #59 Rainbow
March 20, 2014 01:01 PM PDT
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B.A.D.# 59 Rainbow
We welcome Andrew!
Getting DRUNK on St. Patrick’s day and other stories….
So rainbows are our theme
Jeff gets yelled at by train conductor, and has problems getting out of bed.
Alex struggles with eating a cream cheese covered bagel on a subway, she looked like a homeless lady- and why drunk people should not run.
Bearded man from Ohio, that would not leave Anna alone...
We have an eligible bachelor for sale!

the controversy of the st patricks day parade

B.A.D .#58 Channing Tatum & Nail Polish
March 10, 2014 11:45 AM PDT
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B.A.D. #58 Nail Polish and Channing Tatum

PSA fake nails are like heroin, don’t do it!
The adoration of Channing Tatum.
BAD films Clowns, while one of the cats was trying to eat Jeff.
Jenny is from Key West, by Dan O’Brian,
The History of Clowning
Do you believe in God or are Laura Linney.
And Jenny tells her long day in to Coney Island about how flipping off an NYC cop is illegal.

B.A.D .#57 Brownies
February 27, 2014 12:24 PM PST
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The true history of brownies.
Jeff’s music video shoot., a riveting, thrilling and inspiring story of why all actors should be weary of shooting a student/indie films at times, and always have an id and some back up cash with them. Basically be like a boy scout and always be prepared, and maybe also cary an army knife with you and extra socks, and jacket, and hot soup, and credit card.

Alex tell the story of how she was arrested, because she is a bad driver. And Jeff gets confused about what is bail. Jeff admits to stealing his mom’s car.

Anna and Alex have a saturday night girls night! With stories of sailors, dancing, small asian children, sweet sixteen and poop!
Jenny is having a spa day!

Anna and Jeff talk about the best and fav movie theaters in NYC.
Lincoln Center where ushers wear tuxedos, cinema 1,2,3,, angelika film center, The Ziegfield, 86th street amc…

B.A.D .#56 Daffodils
February 19, 2014 11:38 AM PST
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B.A.D. # 56 Daffodils.
All that you ever need to know about daffodils.
Final goodbyes to Danny!
hose of cards !!!!
corn tortillas with hummus accompany the talks about the town drunk, who offers people a swig from his flask and offers free jewelry.
Should Anna stop eating food that has expired.
Some inside info about NYFA.
How to work with an old camera equipment.
Is Jenny basically vegan…?
Brooklyn the hot spot for Carvel?
No wine at the grocery store in NYC.
………..and Alex has Mono!
Also best buy drug tests their employees, clearly not very vigorously.

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B.A.D .#55 Chocolate
February 10, 2014 11:59 AM PST
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B.A.D. # 55 Chocolate

We introduce Jenny, and Danny and Micah say their goodbyes!
Our Superbowl Sunday activity.
Micah tells us the story of his broken pinky
Jeff whines about his roommate.
Cooking eggs in a microwave.
Alex’s welcoming ways of other students.
It’s not easy being an actor in NYC.
……...And Anna has an OkCupid fight.
Micah’s caution tale about eating “Oregano” brownies..
Meet Jenny as talks about choosing to not drink #respect #jealous and befriending homeless kid.

audition, nyc, insanity, workout, broken finger, spicy chicken, thai food, subway, Astoria, valentines day, cats, #rippsh, RIP, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Haley Joel Osment, moving out, actors life,
freecycle, microwave food, pot noodle, UCB, SNL, improv group, jim Breuer, sex and the city,
lucid, lucifer, nyu, Godfrey, yellowstone,bottomless brunch, canolli, bush-gardens, virginia, bed bad and beyond, pot brownies, chocolate, chocolat, Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, gramercy park hotel, rose bar, cat pictures, can names, AA, drink free, homeless scam, black history month, pancake month, wolf of wall st, clam chowder, hunting, sunburnt calf,

B.A.D.#53 Champaign
January 30, 2014 12:47 PM PST
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B.A.D# 54 Champaign

Anna and Alex trying to figure out the name of the stupid one from Mean Girls.
Anna’s story about her struggle through the snow storm for her college audition, and her lower school latin studies.

Celebrating Anna’s BDay. with Champaign.
Movie talk topic is about “Her” and our thought about having a relationship with a fictional character. And should it be outsourced?

And trying to explain the concept of gelatin to Alex.

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